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About Us

The brand is a kind of promise; the enterprise is a kind of repsonsibility as well. Chien Kang thinks that a respected enterprise must stand in the customer side to thinks what kind of product that we really want and what kind of life I want to live.
After thinking about that and the innovation, we can figure out a new and better way to provide better products to fill with people’s live they were never satisfied before.
However, we will not just stop moving toward better innovation, we have kept collecting those ideas from every family and do our best to create suited products for over 22 years. 
We know your demands of the hot water as we want to improve the quality of the hot water. Finally, we trust an enterprise as Chien Kang; it will be worth it if you trust Chien Kang as well.

CHIEN KANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.   No. 439, Sec. 1, Jhangshuei Rd., Sioushuei Township, Changhua County 504, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
TEL:+886-04-7681117    FAX:+886-04-7682817